Shake Music Player – Super App For Music Lover


Shake Music Player:

The best music player and audio player!

Allows you to change the music track by shaking the phone.
Perfect for users that don’t want to unlock the phone to manually change tracks.
You can change background image and widget’s color as you want.
Set the timer on this app and it will turn off the music after the time runs out.

* If you want to avoid playing next song by an accidental shake,
You can set the Shake service to work only when screen is on and you can also control the sensitivity of the shake.

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Key Features:

* Support all the most popular music file formats.
* Play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists.
* Shake phone to change playing music : give your phone a shake to play ext song
* Change background image and widget’s color as you want.
* Set the timer on this app and it will turn off the music after the time runs out.

Hope everybody can enjoy the different music play experience.

Henny8650 has created this process called Shake Music Player. This process, which is downloaded more than 50,000, is currently at 3.3 MP on the Play Store. The processor has so far provided 5-to 4.3 rat. Let’s see what this processer is all about.

The processor that can be said henny8650 is the easiest way to go to the next song when you are listening to the song on your mobile. That means it’s enough to shake your phone back to the next song. You can go to the next song very easily. This does not require you to log on your phone for each song.

And in this process you have the option of turning off the song and the ability to turn off the automatic. There are many more features available in this application so try this application.

Video popup Player Floating with Background Music If you want to download this processor, download the link below.

Slow Download

Download the App

Fast Download:

Download the App



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