How to See Android all Files In Your Phone Using Google Chrome


How to See Android all Files In Your Phone Using Google Chrome

If they have hidden all the information in one’s mobile without knowing them, how to easily view it without the application.

We will keep all the information on our phone very safely hidden by some excellent processor. If you are confident that no one is aware of it then it is wrong.

So avoid giving your phone to someone else. You need to keep your information safe.

However, this information is not useful for anyone, and this kind of information is useful for some people’s lives. Avoid using this information for the wrong action.

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1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on their phone to see the information on their mobile first.

2. Then copy this code and paste it in the Chrome browser. 
CODE-file: /// sdcard /

or Click This direct Link it redirect You to The chrome Browser…

Wait For 30 secs: Your Download Link Will be Ready



3. We now get all the information hidden on their phone. 

4. Even if the image and video are hidden, this process can be easily seen. 

Avoid using this process for the wrong thing.


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