7 Powerful Hacking Application For Android Smartphone


7 Powerful Hacking Application For Android Smartphone:

In this article I am going to tell you about some Hacking applications for Android smartphone, I recommend you not to use these applications in an illegal or wrong way, hope you like this article.

1. SCOS 4: Spy Camera OS is A Spy Camera application, with this application you can secretly record make someone’s video, thy this awesome application once.


2.Httrack Website copier: Httrack Website copier application is used to copy websites data, you can save any website offline with the help of Httrack copier application.


3. AF Wall+: AFWall+ is a firewall application for the rooted android device, this is a very powerful and efficient firewall application.


4.Netcut: Netcut application is useful while you are using a public wifi network and getting slow internet speed, you can cut off all other devices from the wifi network with the help of the netcut application.


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5. SMS forwarder: SMS Forwarder Application is used to sniff otp to gain access to others account, you can sniff otp and hack any account with the help of SMS forwarder application.


6. Kali Nethunter: Kali Nethunter is a light & mobile version of Kali_linux, you can do almost everything of Kali Linux with the help of kali nethunter. must try it.

Nethunter Installation Video.

7. Anonymous: In this Application, you can check for any credit card validity for free, and can access to many more safety tips related to credit card, in this application you can learn to hack and also this application provide you latest news of the hacking world.


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